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NANY 2011 Release: Ethervane Radio 0.2.4

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Just wanted to give my heartfelt thanks for a fabulous little piece of software.
-iebbed (January 16, 2011, 06:07 PM)
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This is really fantastic to hear. Thank you so much, and welcome to DC!

Looks very nice indeed. And now that Screamer seems to be (half) dead we need something that works.   :Thmbsup:

I'd like to mention one thing:

The program makes use of the proxy settings of internet explorer
At least I think.

At work (portable) I need internet explorer with proxy configured.
At home, I use Opera on the same portable, so I leave the proxy settings in IE.
But I could not make a connection to any radio.

When I cleared the proxy settings in IE, it worked immediately.

I didn't found a mention to this somewhere.

Great job on the program! :Thmbsup:

Hi DeVamp,

The truth is the program doesn't do anything at all (yet) about the proxy. So one part of the program (the BASS library, which downloads and decodes audio streams) uses IE settings by default, while another part (my own code that downloads playlists) does not use proxies at all.

This is one of the things I need to straighten our pretty urgently. I hope to do a new release before the end of the month.

New version: 0.2.4, released 2011-02-28

1. Significantly improved Search dialog box:

- The dialog box now has its own taskbar button (can switch to it via Alt+Tab)

- Search is significantly faster, especially when a large number of matches is returned. (Search is now completed in about 30% of the time it took previously)

- Two search modes: "Basic" and "Advanced". To switch press F4 or use the "Options" button.

a) BASIC mode works as before, the program finds the text exactly as it is entered. However, wildcards (? and *) can now be used in the middle of the string, so that "United States" and "Uni*tes" will return pretty much the same results.

b) ADVANCED mode works a little like Google search.
- Enter terms separated by spaces, e.g.
tango argentina
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- Ethervane Radio will find all stations which contain BOTH terms. This is the same as typing:
tango AND argentina
--- End quote ---
- Phrases must be enclosed in double quotes:
jazz AND "united states"
--- End quote ---
- AND is the default conjunction (operator), but you can also use OR and NOT, as well as parentheses:
( tango OR salsa ) AND ( argentina OR brazil )
tango AND NOT argentina
--- End quote ---
- Wildcards can be used anywhere in the search terms. For example, if you are not sure whether to spell "Brasil" or "Brazil", enter:
--- End quote ---
Or, if you don't want to spell a long name, you can say
tango and arg*
--- End quote ---
- All terms entered as described above will be found in ALL station fields (name, genre, country, region, network, website, tagline, etc.). However, you can also specify that a term must occur in a specific field. To do that, use the full or abbreviated name of a field, followed by colon, followed by the text you are looking for. To find stations from France:
--- End quote ---
or even (using a wildcard)
--- End quote ---

Note: "city" and "country" start with the same letter. If you only use  "c:", country is assumed.
- Phrases must still be quoted:
city:"New York"
--- End quote ---

You can combine any of the above in whatever ways you wish. Note that because the default operator is AND, the following will return no results:
genre:jazz genre:chillout
--- End quote ---
This, however, will work as expected:
genre:jazz OR genre:chillout
--- End quote ---

To know the available fields and their names, click the "Field" button in the search window. Clicking one of the listed fields will enter it into the search box and let you continue typing.
Note: to search for station websites you can use both "w:" (website) or "u:" (url).

- Synonym matching has been introduced. It cannot be configured yet, and for now only 1 synonym is defined: you can search for "usa" instead of always having to type "United States". (ADVANCED mode only.)

- Using the Options button in the search window you can switch between "Instant search" (search as you type) and "Wait for Enter". Instant search is only available in the BASIC mode.

- A new option under the Options button in the search window is "Automatic wildcards". It applies only to the ADVANCED mode. When this option is turned OFF, ER will find the text exactly as typed, and you may use wildcards anywhere. For example, to search for stations whose genre is "jazz", you can type
--- End quote ---
However, this will not find stations where genre is "smooth jazz" (or "jazz, smooth"). You can manually add wildcards to find those:
--- End quote ---
If "Automatic wildcards" is turned ON, the program will always automatically wrap your search terms in wildcards, so that searching for "jazz" is the same as searching for "*jazz*". This applies to ADVANCED mode only. (In BASIC mode terms are always wrapped in wildcards).

- All settings described above will be remembered when you close and restart the program.

- Current mode is shown on the Options button. Also, in ADVANCED mode, the search box background is light yellow, so you can easily recognize the current mode.

2. Log window improved (use the Options button, and right-click the message list for more options)

3. Track titles ("now playing" data) are now displayed, if available from the server you are listening to. Still more station and track information will be shown in the next release.

4. Lots of improvements under the hood. (All configuration settings will be reset, sorry about that! It may happen any time as long as the app is in alpha stage, and until there is a proper configuration dialog box.)

5. Added a timer in the status bar to show playback time.

6. From now on, you can also download Ethervane Radio from the following links:


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