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NANY 2011 Release: Park Cursor Aside

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Thanks Perry. Will make required addition in the website soon.

yksyks, I know PCA do not work with x-mouse option, as the focus gets removed. But am thankful to you and Mouser, for the very good suggestion. Will definitely try to implement the same.

Hope to get some free time this weekend.

One request, if possible, please try to add the required feature suggestion in the feedback form, at the Feedback page of the website ( direct link ). This will help me to gather all points at one place and also to make the FAQ list.



Hi friends,

Released Version 2.0.1

# New: Park relative to screen or active window. Useful in using with X-mouse behaviour. (requested by yksyks from USA and Mouser from USA)

# New: Park at middle of screen or active window. Useful in big monitor screen with four tiled windows. (requested by Peter Baum from Germany)

# New: Park after 9 keystrokes. Useful in delaying parking for some short text. (requested by Ath from NL)

These are the few which I managed, as of now, from my hectic schedules. Next priority is multi-monitor, which I feel is most important.

It is due to your feedback, I can make such a useful application, so keep sending them. I also added our donationcoder 2011 ribbon and the links of some review websites, in the PCA website.



Hi Anand,

Thanks for the update.  :up:
I requested a higher number of keystrokes, before the cursor would be parked, and still think 9 is a very low number. The original request of 140 was no joke, but any limit removed would also be just fine, imho. It's just that a spinner wouldn't be needed any more then, just a suggestion that 5 to 10 keystrokes would be a nice default.
The other feature requests I'll wait for a bit more ;)

^ Let me echo his thanks, and the need for a higher number.  I really only want it to park when I'm in the middle of coding or writing... not when I'm filling out a field, as that makes it more trouble than it's worth.

Ath, have faith. There is some reason why I could not give more than 10 keystrokes.

I still have some steps to take, and need feedback to below queries,

1. Is the 'park relative to window' option working correctly ?
2. Is this option works perfectly with x-mouse behavior enabled ?
3. Is this option keeps the mouse cursor in the secondary monitor where it was originally, instead of moving to the primary monitor ?

Feedback on the above will help me fixing the logic for next version.

"I may give a smaller tomato but will never give a rotten one, as it is not the tomato people will remember but my name".




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