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NANY 2011 Release: Park Cursor Aside

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NANY 2011 Entry Information
Application Name Park Cursor Aside Version 2.0.1 Short Description Whenever you type on keyboard, the mouse cursor is automatically parked (moved) aside to a defined screen position. This way your view of the cocument is not blocked by the mouse cursor. Supported OSes Windows Web Page Download Link System Requirements
* WinXp or higher
* 512 or more RAM
* 1 MB or more free disk spaceVersion History
* Version 2.0.1
* New: Park relative to screen or active window. Useful in using with X-mouse behaviour. (requested by yksyks from USA and Mouser from USA)
* New: Park at middle of screen or active window. Useful in big monitor screen with four tiled windows. (requested by Peter Baum from Germany)
* New: Park after 9 keystrokes. Useful in delaying parking for some short text. (requested by Ath from NL)
* Version 1.1.0
* New: "Disable" option in tray menu. You can select "Disable" to temporarily disable the mouse cursor parking.
* New: Auto changes tray icon color to green when mouse cursor is parked and to white when parking is disabled. This will help you in visually knowing the state of the application activity.Author Anand K Gupta

1. I work mostly in text editor, coding application, and the mouse cursor shows as a bar some where on the codes, which makes it difficult to read the code behind it.
2. When I do searching on the browser, the mouse cursor creates same problem in troubling me reading the text and also some times enabling some mouse over activity on the web site, like auto menu drop down or auto image enlargement.
3. When I fill some text, number etc. in some form in a application or website, the same mouse covers the input field.

In all these above cases my vision to the text on which I am working, is obstructed by the mouse cursor. I have to lift my hand from the keyboard and physically move the mouse each and every time I am working on some text.

Whenever you type on keyboard, the mouse cursor is automatically parked (moved) aside to a defined screen position. This way your view of the input field, document, where you are typing, is not blocked by the mouse cursor.

Planned Features
Depends on feedback

Unzip all the files into a folder you want, then launch the exe.

Using the Application
Run it at system start up. Work normally with your mouse and keyboard. When you start heavy use of the keyboard only, that is typing lots of text, you will notice that the mouse arrow cursor is at the edge of the screen, giving you clear view of your document.

Delete the folder where you unzipped the files.

Known Issues
In some machine, the mouse cursor flickers if "Slide mouse..." is set higher than 4.


Sounds good anandcoral :up:

PS download link not working (but I got it from the other link...)

Yes, tomos, the template form is shortening the long download link. Please use the main link and click on "Download" on the web site.

Thanks for pointing it.


Just installed it and will try it for some time. Hope the White List makes it into the feature-set though :D


I've been using it for about 1 day now, and to my own surprise I even like the concept :o

A few adjustments would be nice though:
- Allow for more then 5 keystrokes before the cursor is moved away, ~140 would be nice so a quick tweet wouldn't move away the cursor, while scribbling in some code would. That makes my app white-list a bit more specific: A keystroke-count per app on the white-list, and -1 for infinite, effectively turning it off ;)
- Allow for non-ascii keys to not count as keystrokes (and maybe cursor-keys should be a special case also). I'm using keyboard navigation a lot in a lot of apps, and reading the next news/e-mail using Ctrl-U moves away the mouse cursor after 5 keystrokes.
- The cursor is always moved to it's parking-position on the main screen, even when working on a secondary monitor. It would be nice if it stayed on the same screen.
  But then I'd also like a location setting for each screen as well... (scenario: my secondary monitor is to the left of the main monitor, so I currently park the cursor on the left side (4), but when working on the second monitor I'd like to have it moved to the right side of that monitor. If I were to add a third monitor, that would be placed to the right of the main screen, and I'd park my cursor on the left side when working on that 3rd screen, and at the bottom when working on the main screen)
- A nice to have feature would also be if keystrokes where only counted when in some kind of editing mode/control

Looks like this has way more potential then I though at first sight :Thmbsup:


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