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Might a Web version be possible?

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Anne Arbor:
Hello, Mouser,

Just a few days ago I researched the whole text -> image issue and, from my point of view, your program was the clear standout in the crowd.   

I need this capability for a Web application that will soon come online.   Would it be possible for you to adapt your desktop app so that it could be used as part of a website?   would you consider doing that?   (could I afford you?)    :)   

(Yes, I did see that you are in graduate school and mucho busy.  Still it doesn't hurt to ask, right?) 

Most of what Unicode Image Maker does would be easy to do on as a web application (turn some text into an image); the parts that could require some work would depend on what kind of interactive user interface you needed.

You can email me ([email protected]) or you explain in more detail here if you like what you have in mind.

Anne Arbor:
Hey, Mouser,

Happy New Year to you!    :)

I've been using UIM quite happily at my new site.  It's definitely helpful for what I need.  

One question -- is it possible to add color to the entire background, rather than just to the text?   On the image attached to this post, you will see what I mean.  There is a background color for the text.   What I'd like to do is fill in the entire background with that color -- is that possible?  

On edit:  Hmmm, not sure how clear that is.   Here is the Web page where I'm using this and other images created with UIM.  There you can see that the background color is restricted to the area immediately surrounding the text, leaving the rest of the image white.  I'd like to get rid of the white, and fill it with the bg color.  

Anne Arbor:
Okay, I found the control for adding color to the entire background.   8)  

I was just reading about how to resize the image, though, and I don't seem to be able to do that.  

Here's what you wrote to someone else:  

just grab the lower right corner of the entire window with the mouse and click and drag.
(the cursor should change to a diagonal two headed arrow when you move near the bottom right corner to show that the window can be resized by dragging).
--- End quote ---

I've tried that without success.  I'll go try again and see if anything changes.  

ETA:  Nope.   When I move the cursor around in the area of the lower right corner of the text window, nothing happens.   The cursor remains an ordinary arrow cursor.    I'm using Windows 7 (and Firefox 3.6.x, although I don't suppose that matters).    Can you help?  

ETA:  But wait!   I understood window to mean the "text window", or the place where one enters text.  You meant the application "window."  And yes, applying that definition, the arrow does change and I can change the shape of the image.   Very, very cool!   

I had UIM on my PC and loved it ... but now I've switched to a Mac and am disappointed to find there is no UIM for Mac.

So, I'd be keen to see a "web site" version of UIM as well. Or a Mac version for that matter.


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