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fSekrit still in development?

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It has such potential...  Any chance of releasing the source for peer review?

I unfortunately haven't had time to work on fSekrit for (quite) a while - I'm hopefully going to have a bit more spare time in 2011 (knock on wood).

Opensourcing it is planned, check this post. The codebase (still) needs to be cleaned up before I release the source, though - and I have to figure out how to get "grafting" working with git so I can split the project in a public repository and a private repository where I can see all the old source code history from the closed-source subversion days.

And that doesn't seem to be super easy, the best I've been able to find so far is this - but that's not a full solution.

Dear f0dder

Maybe this link may give you some ideas :

Rgds/ HNY 2011

Maybe this link may give you some ideas : -SKA (December 28, 2010, 11:31 PM)
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Thanks, but not of much use to me :)

I'm fairly comfortable with basic Git usage, my problem lies with the pretty special history grafting stuff.

Definitely in agreement with TT1, ideally with a GPL'd license.

I'm aware I could make my endorsement a bit more effective by actually donating to your project, but I'm not in a good way with money right now, so its just one more forum post on the matter.

If 2011 also ends up too busy to go through a code cleanup, please consider a deadline of some type to post the code as-is.  I've just seen a lot of closed-source projects disappear over the last year and their code gather dust.  Opening code isn't a sure way to avoid that, but it can help.


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