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NANY 2011 Release: Snap DB

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Thank you for the updates. Any chance you could allow to copy info from the selected row when in "Filter Mode"? maybe you can use the same window when updating a record, but with the "Update record" button disabled.

Any chance you could allow to copy info from the selected row when in "Filter Mode"? maybe you can use the same window when updating a record, but with the "Update record" button disabled.-alexsan01 (January 31, 2011, 11:04 AM)
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Yes...I'm still undecided on how to handle copying data directly from the listview.  It's high on the ToDo list.

As promised, my findings after a thorough test drive with Snap DB.
You already know my first impression: looking good! Now I can must say: usability is also top.


* Copying data to the clipboard is also my number one wish. I think two ways of copying should be implemented:

* Copying of an entire row/record directly from the listview. Add an editfield to the options dialog where the user can choose the delimiter for flexibility.
* Copying of a single field from the Insert/Update record window. Best way, if possible: Add an button on the right side of each field.

* As an alternative to copying I would like to run a field, especially if it's an URL. IMHO, this would also require buttons in the Update record window.
* Can we have the fields in the Insert/Update record window in the same order (top -> bottom) as the columns (left -> right) after moving columns?
* Bug: When updating a record, the data is preserved when not clicking the update button but the close button of the window (in the title bar). Afterwards the same data is in the fields of the Insert record window, even after a switch to another snp-file.
(A duplicated record button would be a nice addition, BTW)
EDIT: As an alternative (when it's not actually a bug  :D): to avoid confusion, ask the user if the data must be preserved for later use when clicking close.

One more thing. I noticed the filter gets resetted everytime you update a record. If you select the filter "** Any column **" and the update any record, this filters get resetted to the name of the first column.

I think I addressed everybody's requests and bug reports with this build.  I also added in several new bits so please make sure to read through the changelog.  Thanks for feedback, all.

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v1.1.3 - 2011-02-01
    + Added 'Run' and 'Clipboard' buttons to the Add/Update/Insert dialog.  The
      'Run' feature will attempt to execute data that meet the following
        # A file or folder e.g.: c:\path\to\my.exe, c:\path\to\image.png
        # A URI/URL with "://" in it e.g.
        # 'mailto:' links e.g. mailto:[email protected]
    + Added row-copying capabilities.  You can set a custom delimiter to use
      under Options.  There are three ways to invoke this feature:
        # Edit menu.
        # Ctrl-C hotkey.
        # Toolbar button.
    + Added Ctrl-V hotkey to paste in a tab-delimited block.  This will allow
      you to copy rows with Ctrl-C and paste them in directly so long as you
      have 'Tab' set for the delimiter to use when copying rows (under Options).
    + Added 'Duplicate record' toolbar button.  (Thanks, Winkie)
    + Added "Sum columns" feature and toolbar button.  This feature will attempt
      to sum any columns containing numbers.  It will ADD two extra
      lines/records at the end of the list with the totals.  YOU are
      responsilble for deleting these lines or keeping them by saving.  If
      present, these new lines/records are considered in the next invocation of
      the 'Sum columns' feature.  In other words, Snap DB has no idea if those
      records are totals or regular data.  (Thanks, Beth UK)
    * Add/Update/Insert fields will now appear in the same order as the columns.
      (Thanks, Winkie)
    * Changed 'Options' toolbar icon.
    ! Duplicating a record now sets modified state to true.
    ! If you closed out of an Update window, you could no longer insert records.
    ! Stale data was kept after closing out of an Add/Update/Insert window.
      (Thanks, Winkie)
    ! Filter drop-down list no longer resets when updating records, only when
      adding or deleting a column.  (Thanks, alexsan01)


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