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NANY 2011 Release: Snap DB

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@Ath: Thanks for the feedback; basic printing is on the roadmap.

minor suggestion:
maybe justify columns on data should really justify on max(data,column) or offer a third chioce for justify on both.

I agree printing would be a really nice feature, but it might be hard to implement.

I can think of two options:

* 1) there may be a standalone free commandline printing tool specialized for tables -- hey if there isn't, then that is a GREAT idea for someone to code.
* 2) perhaps more realistically, a reasonable solution would be to export an html file, and open it, and let user print from there (you could even triger the printing automatically probably using javascript); nice side benefit would be html export feature could be useful in and of itself for people who want to post their db on the web.

Any printing I add will be very simple text output...maybe a simple HTML output, too.  However, the file format is such that anybody and any language can parse it and come up with their own exports.

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