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NANY 2011 Release: Snap DB

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Yes! This is exactly what I needed. Thank you for the quick response and the quick coding. Did you use Auto Hotkey to program this app? I like AutoIt Scripting, but if the AutoHotkey is capable of this type of software, then I'll start learning Auto Hotkey.

Thanks again.

Yes, all the software on my website is written in AutoHotkey.  Feel free to check the links in my signature to get an idea of what can be accomplished with AHK.

I just noticed one thing. I sent the exe along with a .snp to a coworker. By default, the software tried to open the last used database because the config.ini was present, and it showed the path of the database on the titlebar, but it was not able to open it because it was looking for it in a path that didn't exist on that machine. It might be a good idea to open the database inside the folder (if there is one) if the last one used it's not available. Or to let the user know that the app could not find the .snp file.

For now, don't include the config.ini file when you send it to a friend.  Just the .snp and the SnapDB.exe file.

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v1.0.5 - 2011-01-10
    * Made Snap DB's save routine more robust and fault-tolerant.  (Thanks, mouser)
    * You can now pass .snp files to the SnapDB.exe and it will load them.
    * Snap DB now allows multiple instances of the viewer to run.
    ! If the Last_File value is invalid, SnapDB will still automatically load the
      first .snp file found in the the SnapDB.exe folder.  (Thanks alexsan01)


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