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NANY 2011 Release: NANY Excuse Manager (v0.96 as of 12/30/10)

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Here it is as .ico (zipped because I can't attach .ico files)

By the way, this wasn't as much work as it might seem, since I already made the hand vector ages ago, for the purposes of using in screenshots, instead of arrows. I had it added to my shapes library for quick & easy drawing.

 ;D What happens to the 'Results' field?

Thanks, App!  I've got the icon installed in v0.93, and it looks fantastic (see updated screenshot in OP)!!  Having trouble FTPing to DC, though.  Dunno if maybe the new server is being fussy:  my other webspace accepts file uploads without problem, but I can't seem to upload my new files to DC.  Will try again later.

Yay!  Check out the v0.93 and v0.93b screenshots above, featuring the beautiful icon!  Very appreciative, App103!

Also, the download links have changed, because Filezilla won't upload non-zero-length files to my DC space.  Put them on some other webspace for now.  At first I thought it might be my file permission settings.  But they've always worked before for DC, even after the server migration. 

What happens to the 'Results' field?
--- End quote ---

Actually, I think it'd be cool to have people vote separately for their favorite excuses and favorite results.  It might really be fun to code a function that would take a large number of these and randomly recombine excuses with reasons.  Might be hilarious!

App, what program did you create the icon with?  I don't know much about this, but I assume you set white as the transparent color, and that's what helps make it look good on the form's title bar?


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