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NANY 2011 Release: Llama Tray



Application Name Llama Tray Version Description Generates Random Quotes, Poems, Jokes etc...on command!Supported OSes Tested on Win 7 Required Framework .NET 4 Web Page Coming soon Download Link Click Here System Requirements
* Windows OS
* .NET 4
* A Mouse with a right click buttonVersion History
* - Contained no functioning data
* - Contained few quotes
* - Fixied countless bugs and problems I encountered (Forgot to turn off the version increments)Author Stephen66515

This neat little application simply sits in your system tray (next to the clock) until you want it to do something.


* Shows a random quote, poem, or joke on user request.

* The updater will grab any new content automatically every time you start the software, so no need to download a new one each week!
Planned Features
I am planning on adding more content once a week.


Just double click the .exe file contained in the .rar file and it will install, then run :)

Using the Application
Follow the guide below to get going:

Download the rar file and un-compress onto your computer

Open the folder and double click the .exe file

Locate the icon near your clock

Right click the icon and select your desired option!

Remove from Add/Remove Programs

Known Issues
Auto Updater Not Working - Fixed
App Crashing on Inspiration Quotes Button Click - Fixed

Thanks To

* App103 for the long list of IRC quotes she has compiled over the years!
* Scancode for figuring out why my random selection code wasnt working as intended!
* Krishean for making my head hurt less when it comes to C# and helping me figure out quite a lot

Very creative!  I like  :Thmbsup:

Version (Next Update) Info:

* Hundreds more quotes for each section

* Stopped application crashing after appx 2000 quote loads.
Possible Feature Additions:

* Re-addition of "Random Poems"

* Re-addition of "Random Jokes"

* Addition of "Funny Pictures"
If anybody has any ideas for new content for this, please let me know :D


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