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My Firefox Home Page is BING?

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I just opened up a new Firefox instance and managed to get this:

My Firefox Home Page is BING?


I like my about:blank page...


Sounds like you just got punked by whoever (iat?) is redirecting to Hostworks Pty's MSN portal.

If you're at work when this happened, there's a chance your employer has started filtering and redirecting HTTP web requests originating on its network. I got a rash of trouble tickets a few weeks ago from the employees of a client who clamped down big time on office web browsing  - and neglected to tell anybody (including us) they were going to do so. (I asked why, and they said the software vendor suggested they not say anything at first in order to "find out who was making the most noise about it." I guess they believed that anybody who complained was very likely misusing the company's network. How's that for logic? Very bad policy, as well as just being plain stupid IMHO.)

If not @work, there's a discussion and fix posted at Microsoft Answers. Link here. Take a look at the last two posts. It's journeyman level stuff, so you've probably figured it out already.

Luck!  :Thmbsup:

Thanks 40Hz.

I'm at home, and my normal home page is about:blank, so it's simply bizarre. I can't be bothered to look into it though. Working on some imaging software now and that's more fun. :) Just figured I'd mention it here to see if it rang any bells for anyone.

Oh well.

WinPatrol has an option to detect changes to IE home and search settings. If they are changing FF it's likely they try to change IE also.


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