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A Gift from VMWare

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absolutely amazing.

That's unbelievably generous.  Problem is, I'm not much of a coder and don't really have any use for this type of software, so I'd like my copy to go to someone else.  Mouser, would you mind just adding it into the remainder that you haven't decided upon yet.  I don't want something like this to go to waste, and it surely would on me.

thats very generous tenseiken.
we'll get to you with the next donated gift then, until you find one that's useful to you :)

i can either put this back into the remainder to be given out later, or you can choose someone on the forum to give the copy to, based on whatever criteria you choose.  i'll leave it up to you to decide until we run out of copies to give out.

basically i was thinking to give the remainder to volunteer reviewers or coding snack coders..

before you give up your copy, you should know that vmware is an excellent program for people who like to test software, regardless of whether you program it yourself or not.

for example, lets say there is a new program out there called Registry Super Fixer, and you want to try it on a test machine and you don't want to risk your main machine.  A VMWare virtual machine can let you create a virtual windows computer and install and test on that.

ie. VMWare is not jsut for programmers, but for anyone who likes to test software safely.  it also lets you run linux in a window of your windows machine (or vice versa if you get the linux version) - just slower.


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