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18 Monospace fonts comparison screenshot

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they missed Dina :down:

Another option - triskweline

37 fonts compared here:

I wish someone really started a list of fonts in Wikipedia with ergonomic font properties as presented there.

Other critical font features have to be added, like links to download the fonts, license (free/commercial), etc...

Welcome Emannresu  :up:

I think that blog essay deserves an extended excerpt:

"This post is going to be different. There are no visuals this time.

This is a good presentation of programming fonts However, to choose the best font for a particular use case quickly and efficiently, a different presentation approach is required. Since each letter is a picture, comparing even several fonts is the same as comparing thousands of tiny pictures. Yet, most, if not all, websites that try to solve the issue of finding the best programming font, use graphics…

A couple of days ago I spent some time struggling with the code that had “1” (“one”) instead of “l” (lowercase “ell”).  The common way to compare fonts is to look at the sequence “Illegal1 = O0″. However, comparison gets tricky when your IDE uses both regular and bold variants of the same font to display code. After some time, I came up with the following solution... Below is a table of mono-spaced fonts collected from numerous sources. I chose point sizes so letter sizes look similar.."
--- End quote ---

18 Monospace fonts comparison screenshot

And the conclusion:

The Winner
In my particular case, “Dina” is the best.
--- End quote ---

Dina is, of course, created by long-time DonationCoder member Jibz, and can be found here:

Thanks mouser. The best way to work with that table is to copy-paste it into some spreadsheet. Then, using "autofilter" (in case of Excel), you can filter fonts, write your own notes, and eliminate fonts one by one to get the perfect one you want.

When I think how much time I wasted trying to find proper fonts for various circumstances, I think Wikipedia definitely needs a page "list of monospaced fonts for programmers."

Currently wiki has just a bunch of pictures

There is no way somebody can compare fonts properly using that wiki page. A list is definitely needed there. Visuals don't help at all when you have hundreds of fonts.
If anyone is considering making a list in Wikipedia, here's the manual.


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