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YoWindow Unlimited $9.99 -> $0.00 [EXPIRED]

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a statement from repkasoft so i'll wait before expiring the topic, lets see if they fill up more free codes

Dear friends, my name is Pavel Repkin, I am the author of YoWindow.
We did not expect such a massive demand on YoWindow Unlimited license keys.
There were 500 coupon codes reserved for the Adventcalendar action.
They were exhausted in 4 hours since the present was disclosed.

I want to apologise to all of you.
I was sleeping (it was 4AM here in Saint-Petersburg/Russia) and was unaware about the disaster.

Now the problem is solved.
You can use the coupon code again to order your FREE License Key for YoWindow 2.0 Unlimited.

Again, I'm terribly sorry.

Have fun and Merry Christmas to you from YoWindow team!
--- End quote ---

ah, that explains it.. in any case, thanks for the posting the link. :)

Just tried it (12/22/10 8:52AM PST) and code did not work

Don't worry, you will see this again very soon. I promise. :D

Thanks Ashraf, very few were able to get it from here due to the limited outlet of keys, I think it's a nice program


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