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Any better Clipboard program.

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I really wanted to like Clipmate but something in the many modes of operation keeps confusing me.
-iphigenie (August 29, 2011, 02:02 AM)
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Well, I've been using ClipMate for many years, and I suspect it was probably considerably simpler when I first started to use it.  Then again, as much as I appreciate simplicity, I find that many of the programs I like best tend to be feature-rich.  I'm thinking of Directory Opus, ClipMate, Linkman, UltraEdit, and Surfulater, among others.  I probably use a very small percent of the features these programs offer, but in each case, they offer more of the features I want than do the competing programs I've tried, and I simply ignore all the features I don't care about.   One nice thing about these feature-rich programs is that when I find additional features I'd like, these programs usually already have them. 

Stuf 2 is on bits du jour today.  For $13, I'm thinking about getting it- looks pretty interesting, and is networkable.

On another note Surfulater is there today too.

UPDATE: Just noticed that Stuf 2 requires Windows 7.  A killer for me.

Back years ago I tested ClipCache for a while. [...] revisited CC and bought it when on a special deal. It has been on my main laptop for a long time time now and has never crashed and I dont purge very often so there are a lot of clips-iphigenie (August 29, 2011, 11:09 AM)
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My impression was that it crashed on me not because of the number of clips, but something to do with the OS, and whatever other programs I have running.  Whatever the cause, I rarely run it now.

I humbly submit one more :)

(Text only, no frills, my personal variation on Ditto)


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