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Any better Clipboard program.

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Hello folks,,
         i was looking for a good Clipboard software, the default Clipboard of Winxp is quite incomplete, i was looking for any Clipboard that would paste the selected copied txt from the screen. And that has the feature to view the txt in a Clipboard. Any commercial or a Freeware Clipboard from any User.
                     I quite don't understand the use of Clipboard, its just their are times when error pops up and i need to see what the message is, but the clipboard seriously needs a paste feature.

Any suggestion is welcomed :)

Check here first:

Yes, the thread skwire has cited is fairly recent and has some good recommendations.  I've been using ClipMate for many years and can't imagine how I'd manage without it.  It may be more than you want or need, but it's definitely worth a look.

I don't think ClipMate is worth a look just yet. Is a confusing program when demands are tiny, could easily be waste of time, possibly money. Go for Mousers program or even more simple ClipX - use latest beta version. If you see the light of copy and paste magic, wants to manage it properly return to ClipMate and now it will not seem like overkill or that annoying. I have recently tried most of the paid clip thingys and have found that only ClipMate is worth more than 5$ but not necessarily a good way to start ;)

Why this is not build in to Windows is a good question. Not even easy to find good Linux solutions last I checked.

+1 to what Bamse suggests.  It's why I said that ClipMate "may be more than you want or need."  It's a terrific program, but perhaps not the best one to start with (though I did, and loved it from the start).


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