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NANY 2011 Release: Speed Monitor

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That might be because it's making a bunch of web requests.  It's not doing anything nasty.  Just like Windows Firewall says programs like Skype are suspicious when they try to use extra ports.

Alrighty, since nobody has offered any more suggestions, I guess I'm going to release it at 0.9 :)  Happy New Year!

Hm, missed this pledge and it's interim releases, just found out now you've released, sorry.

Seems to work alright, but a few 'nice to have's':
- For a newby user it's a but confusing how to add a new url, some hint or menuitem would come in handy
- Drag and drop for url's would be nice
- Can the captured data be reset in some way, without losing all url's
- The initial interval is quite aggressive, a bit more conservative, like 60 sec., would probably back-off the malware scanners' warnings
- I like charts, but they really miss a time-line

Those are some good suggestions.  I'll work on adding them over the next week.  Thanks!  :)

Alrighty, I added most of your feature requests for v1.0!  The only one I didn't implement was the timeline on the charts, as that requires both a small data restructuring and a larger URL for Google Charts -- which I have to make sure can handle it.

Thanks for the suggestions; keep 'em coming!  :)


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