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Yeah I made an account. :) The place definitely needs OpenID though, and when I registered while posting it didn't refresh. So I ended up hitting Post a second time... which I think due to the use of Ajax made it look like it finally posted for the first time while in actuality it was a double-post that was hidden from me.
-worstje (January 06, 2011, 01:57 PM)
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think about what happens on all the forums and in general any website where visitors must login to post something :

1. you land on a page from google or any other referral;
2. you read the topic and then you want to reply, you add the message or you're directed to a registration page;
3. you must login to your e-mail and confirm your account
3.1 if the e-mail comes in time and you're not playing football already
3.2 if the e-mail is coming to your inbox folder and didn't get rejected by spam filters
4. login to the website when clicking on the confirmation link
5. search the topic again using the annoying and too complex/advanced search form of the website
6. navigate through tens of other similar topics found till finding the desired topic that got your attention before step 1
7. think again what you wanted to post, if you still have the words in your mind
8. finally post and submit your idea(s)

so... the solution for posting ideas that we have at is made of 2-3 clicks and even if you click twice the "submit" button, you're right... with the risk of being a little bit annoying for some advanced users, it is by far more efficient for any user because basically in the background are happening all the steps mentioned above. :)

Perry Mowbray:

how did you land on this url? it's a broken one.

Perry Mowbray:
how did you land on this url? it's a broken one.
-adi_barb (January 10, 2011, 01:18 AM)
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It was a link on one of the pages. Sorry can't remember which one...

Edit: here we go:

it's ok now. thank you!


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