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NANY 2011 Release: - Photo Q&A Site

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NANY 2011
Application Name Version let's just call it Beta Short Description Photo Question & Answer Site Supported OSes N/A Web Page System Requirementsa browser :)Authors tomos & adi_barb with lots of help from mouser

Well, lets call this a release :D There wont be any structural changes made to the site till Monday (Jan 3rd) or later

First I'll say -
if you go to the site and have problems, have a look at Current Problems below and see if that helps you - if the problem isnt listed please post about it - thanks!


The idea is very simple

* upload an image and ask a question
* Answers can be chosen by the OP or by a moderator
* The pictures can be tagged and answers could be added as tags - so over time a database of tagged images would build up
* Pictures/Questions can be browsed via slideshow, randomly or related to topic of interest
I was working on this idea for a while with mouser. Then we were both busy and it just sat there for a while. Recently adi started two threads: we want to enter a small nany web service app, coded in php... any suggestions? and FamousWhy Software : Famous Questions CMS. So I suggested the idea to him.
Basically adi & co. have been working for the last week customising their Q&A "CMS" while I've been saying I want this :-* and I want that and generally pestering them :)

Evolution of Idea
initially I was thinking of it as a very practical, an 'identification' site - what is this - this is an oak tree. Now it's much more open - we wont really know what the site will be like until it gets going. Which makes it interesting, and means that you can mould it to however you would like it to be...


* Implemented so far:
* home/indexpage showing list of questions and "editor's choice" image/question with ability to ask a question on the same page (shot #1 below)
* click on question or thumbnail to go to full question page  (shot #2 below)
* ask/answer - with immediate regristration via a small popup, or via Facebook
* categories/topics pages
* member pages

Current Problems (mainly the big ones :p)

1) You have to tag an image before it will be accepted:

* you have to add a comma "," after the tag word for it to be accepted
* the status of your selected file is not indicated - e.g. if you forget to add a tag to an image, you will get an error message and the site will 'forget' the selected file's details so you'll have to srat from scratch (your question is remembered though).2) Facebook login works a treat - but I'm not sure what shows up on your Facebook homepage (nothing in my case) - do let me know! [seems to be showing okay on FB]
3) Currently you are UNABLE to change any details on your Profile page
4) Categories are not properly associated with the questions i.e. on Categories page they all show as having zero related questions.
5) "Unanswered" tab on the homepage shows all questions
6) if you ask a question and then login using name & password, you may get an error message but the login should still be successful
7) Some emails take a long time (I get emails instantly in my gmail a/c but have had to wait hours with other email accounts. But note that you can post instantly - without having gotten your regristration email. I dont know why this is - some problem with the godaddy email accounts maybe.

Planned Features

* slideshow - random or related to chosen category (pre-defined tag) or topic (free-tag)

NANY 2011 Release: - Photo Q&A Site


NANY 2011 Release: - Photo Q&A Site

full question page



* Report any problems, preferably here.
* design comments
* Feedback in general
* Any advice in general about "this kind of thing" - I'm sortof out of my depth here!
* first what do you think of the name ? It has been a struggle trying to get a name that is available and suitable. If you have any other suggestions throw them out (preferably available as a dot com name - but I can check!) name now askapic

what do you think of the name ?-Tomos
--- End quote ---

Quizapick (has more than one deliberate ambiguity).


What about AskMyPhoto?

timns: (you may have to say it out loud)

what do you think of the name ?-Tomos
--- End quote ---

Quizapick (has more than one deliberate ambiguity).
-cranioscopical (December 20, 2010, 02:36 PM)
--- End quote ---
I should have asked you a long time ago Chris :-*
have to get the opinion of my advisor though (yes, mouser)


What about AskMyPhoto?
-adi_barb (December 20, 2010, 03:27 PM)
--- End quote ---

I like this one too... Quizapick is more catchy I think, but this one is more straightforward :up:



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