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video editing software

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Ok, so reviving this thread might serve little purpose, but then again...

well, anyway, BDJ has an offer for MPEG Video Wizard DVD on 3rd September. The price is only $20 so pretty good offer (if the software is good that is!).

So I'm wondering if anyone's using this application regularly and if so, how happy you are with it? patteo..? I've used the trial for a few minutes and except from the interface (why not just go with regular windows GUI?!?) I must say that I really like this one. It seems quite simple, but looks to have all the features I need, so I might well go for it. Any opinions?

Well, I can't say I'm using it, not because it is not good but because I have not been doing any video editing for quite a long period of time.

I did have a question for the author at that point in time which is that I did not find any support for mov, the native format used in my Nikon Digital camera for which I wanted to do some editing.

So that was a hurdle for me then when I wanted to do some of that. And that was wow, maybe 3 years ago. Maybe things have changed for the better, then maybe not (change is not necessarily good).

So I would say, do check out what type of videos you need to edit and make sure it supports it - don't assume and of  course, download a trial and see how intuitive it is for you.

If you are not sure of anything else, do email the author. If I remember correctly, he was quite responsive.

And if you do decide to buy, let us know the outcome of that decision.

Thanks for your reply, patteo! Btw, there is a forum there now actually. And as you've said, the author seems very quick to respond and active, which is good. I'll just go on with the trial and see... :)

AviDemux along with ffmpeg or mencoder is an excellent, free, solution.


I use ProjectX for Mpeg2-editing. This prog has some really nice features like batch processing via collections, it´s free and open-source. Here you can find an enhanced version with langue files for english. The best feature is it´s ultra-fast 1:1 PID-cutting (only turn it on in the settings and raise the cachesizes).


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