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video editing software

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Kate's Free beta VSplitter & beta Joiner & beta Converter are worth checking out. 

I looked long & hard for a free simple joiner app after Vista made my previous softwares unusable--& finally  found Kate.
Don't mind the name of the website: (page for the beta software:)

Main page.

They have several shareware products (like Kates' all in one Video Toolkit ($20)

The page says the beta software are trial & also free.  (They may be moving to share-basis?)
    Note the 'free' indicator by the 'buy baskets'. 

PS - Before finding Kate's (via a post at Lifehacker?) I purchased Replay Media Splitter (I have all their software).  It works fine too.

AviDemux along with ffmpeg or mencoder is an excellent, free, solution.
-Ehtyar (August 28, 2009, 05:53 AM)
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I second Ehtyar! Avidemux is not only free, but open-source as well.

MuldeR has a Windows build, screenshots, links to guides/tutorials, and this info:

Avidemux supports a great number of file types, including AVI, MPEG, MP4/MOV, OGM, ASF/WMV, MKV and FLV.
It also provides a great number of video filters, e.g. resize, deinterlace, IVTC, sharpen and denoise.
Furthermore Avidemux ships with various encoders built-in, such as x264, Xvid, LAME, TwoLAME and Aften.

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AviDemux along with ffmpeg or mencoder is an excellent, free, solution.-Ehtyar (August 28, 2009, 05:53 AM)
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Avidemux is currently my preferred editor for simple things, (I use an old version of Vegas for more complex things, eg. video/audio resyncing).

I think you'll find that most of the codecs in Avidemux are based on ffmpeg, (as is mencoder IIRC), via libavcodec.

About the only really annoying big bug, (which has been mentioned in the forums by myself and others), I find with Avidemux is it's complete inability to create an AVI file bigger than 4GB that works.

I use AviDemux quite a bit myself.  For just saving mpeg clips you can also use the Mpeg Tools that come in TMPGEnc free version.  It has nice simple mpeg muxing and demuxing and save selected range to a clip.  The original TMPGEnc is a bit outdated these days but the Mpeg Tools are easy to use and fast for some things.

I m using Media Player Classic i think this is best video editing software.


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