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video editing software

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what are you using to edit videos? I'm not talking about making some TV quality edits with lots of cool edits, just simple editing (cut out a bit here and there etc) of AVI and MPG files.

A not-too-messy interface would be nice.

I've sometimes use VirtualDub, which is a nice, simple, open source, video capture/processing utility :Thmbsup:.

virtualdub or virtualdub mpeg or even virtualdubmod - i don't think plain old virtualdub likes mpeg.

or for cutting the commercials out of tv shows from an mpeg file try videoredo plus it's not cheap, about $50, but the trial version will let you do a 30 minute show.

Maybe is worth checking out.


Thanks, I installed VirtualDubMod ( because that seems to be the most versatile free solution.

Now does anyone know of a good online tutorial? :)


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