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NANY 2011 Release: BlackJack

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C# coders can play with it and adapt it
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The included Card class is quite useful. It'll work with any game that uses the standard 52-card deck of playing cards, and could easily be adapted to other card games. The class can take any size canvas image of 52 playing cards (so long as they're in the same arrangement as the one included as a project resource) and will correctly crop out individual cards. However, I'd recommend that you err on the side of larger images. You can use the "Zoom" SizeMode property for your PictureBoxes, and they'll make a larger image look pretty good, even in a smaller PictureBox; however, trying to "Zoom" small images "up" to fit larger PictureBox width x height doesn't yield such good results.  The best practice is to make your PictureBoxes the exact dimensions that each cropped-out individual card will be.  In my app, this was 119x100, or something close to that.

Here's the canvas pic I used:

P.S.  I'm using Chrome (but downloading IE9 as I type).  Is Chrome responsible for inserting question marks into my posts?  Or is this some glitch from the migration?  Been noticing this behavior all day.

P.S.  I'm using Chrome (but downloading IE9 as I type).  Is Chrome responsible for inserting question marks into my posts?  Or is this some glitch from the migration?  Been noticing this behavior all day.
-kyrathaba (December 18, 2010, 05:20 PM)
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I only see question marks at the end of your questions. ;) Which I hope is intentional.

oh damn it's happening to me too in some of my posts above.. what's going on i wonder.

I've installed and started using IE9, and the behavior went away, but I was getting it in both Chrome and FF, seemingly when I'd use Alt-S to post, instead of clicking the Post button.  But I'm using Alt-S to post this...

...and as you can see, no funky ??? insertion (this post also posted using Alt-S.


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