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Upgrading RoboForm from v6 to v7: worthwhile?

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Strange with ideas of what is safe. Everything of some value to me is in the sky or vault in far away country :) 24/7 worldwide login to both web and normal applications is the way to go. Another new feature in version 7 is it can handle login in to programs. Not sure how great it works but that is probably going to be a major feature towards business clients.

I would guess most do get risks about letting browser auto-remember and insert codes but much in Roboform is also overkill and can be seen as bloat and annoying. They need a simplified version of Roboform, cut down to the bone. Can even take away secure notes, just keep free upgrades from 6.x, 5.x licenses. Ok to charge for online sync though. Majority of those now running to Lastpass etc. would stay and perhaps buy stuff later. They would also live up to very old promises as much as can be expected. Now they are idiots :)

KeePass is ghetto. :D
-superboyac (December 16, 2010, 04:19 PM)
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Huh? What do you mean? I use Keepass - not as my primary password manager but as a secure backup for all my passwords - online and off.


I *think* the upgrade fee is only applicable if you try to install Roboform 7 AND select the option to sync passcards online. At least, that's what I hope, because like a dope I just paid the $9.95 and kept going. However, it only cost me the $9.95 and I was able to upgrade both my Roboform Pass2Go installations and my desktop installation... My intention was/is to put the $10 down to rash stupidity on my part and not renew in a year's time. If I am then asked to pay for another year's subscription I'll be back here effing and blinding something fierce!

Nope, not unless you recently bought a 6.x license and get a free upgrade. Those 2 licenses I have are 9-12 months old so since Roboform Online used to be free total upgrade cost for same features is 40$. Because I have 2 licenses I save 5$ for each. Would not be surprised if they mess up payment page as well.

If you purchased your license before September 1, 2010, as an existing RoboForm Pro user you still qualify for a discount on your upgrade for a limited time. To enjoy all the benefits of RoboForm 7, please upgrade your order here.
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How long can you wonder about benefits is not clear. Next step must be to make sure 6 does not work with latest browser versions.

I didn't bother paying for the upgrade to my existing licenses (Roboform 7 Pro for Desktop and Roboform2Go) and just paid the $9.95 for Roboform Everywhere (as I hinted above, I wish I hadn't, really) and all the Roboform installations that I've upgraded are fine...

I *really* hope that I don't get any nasty surprises... I haven't upgraded my wife's install, yet. I also took advantage of the Bits du Jour sale and bought two more desktop licenses, which I haven't used yet. We'll see, I guess  :o


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