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NANY 2011 Release: Color Warlock

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i think what's nice about this one is how you can create your own color sets.

Updated screenshots and new please see first post for download.

Please let me know your input on the program. :)


"Hey, nice #9F8170"
"Thanks, I just had it stuffed'  :-[

Could you add support for other colour palettes?

Some info:

Or maybe you could provide plugins mechanism to provide swatches handling by my own (import/export)?

Would it be possible to add desktop picker?

What about custom colour chooser dialog?

P.S. It would be nice to mention which .NET version is required (in applications description).

Way further down the road maybe for the file formats as this is a pretty specialized program to output like it is now.

As for that Zeta Color Editor the only one mine does not have is the first tab (Custom) which is a full color selector dialog.  You can do the web (Non System Colors in mine), system (System Colors in mine), (Note: You can also show both at once if you pick All Known Colors.) as those are built into Color Warlock also. As far as schemes you can create your own Color Wizard palette file (.ccf) to use. Color Warlock just dont have the custom tab of the Zeta Color Editor. As for the desktop picker that may be next in line but only to copy a custom value not in the palette to clipboard.



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