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IDEA: Windows Start Menu manager

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i use farr but i also like to have a nicely organized start menu for when i want to find stuff.

I'm a little confused.  :huh:  Why would one need an organized Start Menu if they had a well organized Launcher?


jdd, farr is not a launch bar, it doesn't have the "visual recognition" to execute programs, you have to type it's name. Some people prefer to use the visual-recognition, because it makes them remember they have those programs. For me, this makes sense, but i don't like using my mouse ;).
But farr v2 (aka mercury runner), will have a launchbar integrating, which we hope will take out the need for the start menu. Right, mouser? ;)

I've always wanted a better way to organise my Start Menu.  If you drag an item on the start menu before it's sub-menu becomes active then it won't actually drag.  This is very annoying.  There is also the problem of dragging between the Current User & All Users if you use Explorer to tidy up.

I'd love to see this idea come to fruition.  While I seldom -use- my start menu, it annoys me to no end to know that it's there and cluttered.  xplorer2 with tis dual panes allow me to more easily bring my start menu to an acceptable state, but it's still a tedius matter to deal with.  And it's true, while FRR is a great application, no everyone will desire to use it.  One thing FRR users and non-users alike certainly have in common is they -do- have a start menu and it does naturally gain clutter.  A more streamlined means of dealing with this clutter would be a godsend.


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