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  • December 10, 2019, 01:53 PM
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Author Topic: IDEA: request crypt for dc++  (Read 4041 times)


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IDEA: request crypt for dc++
« on: March 26, 2006, 11:08 PM »
You have a program already named 'mircryption' (mouser).
I'd like to put forth the challenge to simply adapt it and create a version for use with DC++ (dcplusplus) chat program.
This is what we would like to request.

Helpful Hints:
Neo-Modus DC is a chat program just like mirc, where users can connect to a hub and chat about things. And share.
DC++ is an improved open-source version of the chat client.
and there are several modified versions of this available that add extra capabilities.
dc++ has some versions of chat clients that can use LUA scripting programming language.
One such client that is very good is named "rmDC++" and another one is DCDM++.
rmDC++ is free to download here:
more information on rmDC++ here:

dc++ clients such as rmDC++ have LUA 5.0 scripting ability which would be similar to mirc's mircscripting ability.
So it might be possible just to do it with that, or adapt mircryption for dc++

Essentially the specifications would be for one chatter who is running an encryption add-on,
to be able to send a message in encrypted form via either Main Chat or private message to
another chatter who is also running the program and be able to unencrypt and see the message.

It's acceptable to type some sort of special key that signals an encrypted message,
like /send <msg> ...  or !send <msg> ...
It would be nice if the recipient did not have to do much to decode the message, simple is better.
The recipient could be running a task that watches for a certain sequence of characters at the
beginning of the message and then knows it's encoded, and then automatically decodes it. That
would be ok. It's ok if it announces that it received a message that was encoded and displays that.

(This would be a simple client-side progam, no need for anything server-side.)
There are functions already available in lua for dc++ that set listeners for chat text so those might
be easy to use. In fact, if you just made a simple 1-hour or 1day thing in just LUA and some minor
encryption (not as simple as rot13, but something like that) that would be interesting too. And then
later version 2 could have all the mircryption features.

Ok, thank you :)

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Re: request crypt for dc++
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2006, 11:31 AM »
Hi Geust,

I wish i had time to do more porting of mircryption stuff; crypto algorithm programming is one of those things that coders just enjoy.

however, because dc++ does not use irc protocol, there is no need for mircrption or blowfish compatibility, so i think it's a better idea to do a dc++ homemade encryption plugin, perhaps just using lua.  and it's not really in my area of expertise.

do let us know however if you find a good solution to it.