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Can we compare file transfer protocols?

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Hi everyone, JJ...
I've been experimenting the last few days with Dropbox and it's working really well.  I have my off site computer syncing my files with Dropbox every night (using SFFS).  Then my home computer syncs Dropbox to my backup location.  It works pretty smoothly.  So unless I go over 2GB, I'm happy with it so far.

Excellent! Glad to hear it. :) And of course, if you do go over 2GB, you can pay (a reasonablea mount), or I think there are some other similar options out there with e.g. 10GB free.

- Oshyan

4wd: Syncrify!

I can't believe you totally mentioned this here and I glossed over it.  Syncrify is exactly what I wanted!  I'm testing it out right now, very impressive.  Apologies!

No problem, I'm used to being ignored  :lol:

Did you hear anything, superboyac?


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