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The minimalist lifestyle. Anyone here successfully implemented it?

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Each year -- sometimes twice a year -- I go through every shelf, closet, corner, and space in the house and pull out things I either will never use again -- that book I've read and don't intend to reread, the tool I have a duplicate of, printer cartridges for which I have no printer for, clothes I don't wear, etc.,
-zridling (December 15, 2010, 11:39 PM)
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Admirable!  :up: :up:

Yes, we've also done the down-sizing, down-salary, simpler life thing. We left the big city and moved to a small town. And yes, our lives are much richer, and we're much happier.

In fact I've yet to meet anyone who has done the same thing and regretted it.

And when serious illness struck last year, the fact that we only had a small and very manageable mortgage, and we had learned to survive on a relatively modest income, made things a lot easier.

No, I still have a day-job. Too scared to drop working somewhere, but I really would like not to have a day-job. You know, this article made me realize some things, I will consider them, maybe will try to do something to achieve be-a-minimalist goal.


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