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The minimalist lifestyle. Anyone here successfully implemented it?

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Is the minimalist lifestyle described in this Lifehacker article really attainable?  Anyone here successfully doing it?

Probably a worthwhile aesthetic and philosophy to embrace.  :Thmbsup:

But in my case, I think I'll wait until after the big bombs hit before I start embracing it.   ;)

"Necessity furthers. No blame." as the I Ching teaches us.  8) ;D

I actually like my job :)  But we've started paring down our lifestyle.  I found a nice place to live with a job I loved that paid as a salary 25%+ less than what I was making.  But we've made it work, and we're a lot happier.  And we've been paring down further, in order to decrease the stress of dealing with money matters, and the stress of the economy.  I recommend it to anyone in that capacity... it has definitely increased the quality of my life.  I just wish I had embraced this at a younger age.

I think wraith808 hit on something that goes to the heart of the matter: that many of us can benefit from simplifying our lives. And that it can be accomplished without needing to radically alter everything we're doing or go without.

My GF and I made a significant commitment to streamlining and simplifying our life a few years back. And it worked. We managed to keep everything that really mattered to us, and got rid of all the objects and responsibilities we almost mindlessly accumulated over the years that didn't.

Now we have cosiderably less than we had before. And we've become much richer and happier in the process.


P.S. I actually like my job too!

My wife and I are managing to live within our means, even beneath our means.  So money matters aren't particularly stressful.  But I would dearly love to have the kind of freedom that the article in the OP talks about.


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