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NANY 2011 Release: CardCreator

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NANY 2011 Entry Information
Application Name Card Creator Version 1.0 Short Description Make greeting cards from your photos Supported OSes Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Web Page Card Maker Download Link CreateCard.exe System RequirementsNot much really, you only need Windows 2000 or newer, mouse & display :D.
Version History1.0 - it's a baby.
Author Vlasta

A simple tool allowing users to combine several photos using a greeting card template and delight their friends.

Make greeting cards from your own photographs.

* click on placeholders in the template to add photo or drag and drop it from a file manager
* move photo if it is bigger than the placeholder
* use built-in or custom templates
* save result as .jpg or .png
Planned Features
I'll wait for feedback, but I might:

* direct printing support
* "send to facebook" button
* add custom text to the card
* better template selection
NANY 2011 Release: CardCreator

No need. Single self-sufficient .exe

Using the Application
Start, add photos, save result.
Kind of short, so here is a guide for your non-programmer friends:

Delete it.

Known Issues
Don't feed it invalid templates or else...

Sounds terrific  :Thmbsup:

Perry Mowbray:
This does sound terrific!

I invariably DTP something up as I unfortunately often use non-standard sizes so print to A3 (what we have at work) and slice up on the guillotine (but that's probably not on your feature list...)

Yes, my ambitions are a bit lower, although I am still considering enabling custom card layouts. But that's for people who are happy sharing the general layout with others. Unique cards will always need more work.

Business cards, right?
Sounds good, look forward to trying it out!


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