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IDEA: Movie Mode

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Sounds good to me so far and the tray icons won't be a problem.-app103 (February 08, 2011, 01:02 AM)
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I'm afraid I fixed that, so you'll have to download it again from above post  :-[

I also gave it an obligatory random version number so I can keep up with myself.

There is no extra CLI window when I launch XChat that way.
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Oh well, I've left in the option of leaving the output window open.

The closing of everything works great.

The relaunching has an issue: nothing with command line parameters is being relaunched.

The relaunching has an issue: nothing with command line parameters is being relaunched.-app103 (February 08, 2011, 09:42 AM)
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Could you post or PM the ini file, (blank anything you don't want seen) ?

Ah, I think my handling of quotes was a little skewiff.

Try this one, it seems to work OK with the specific example you gave above - might need to rework it for more complicated quoting.

Have also removed the option to leave open the output CLI, (just to make the parameters in the ini file a little simpler), but if anyone wants it back, say something.

--- Code: AutoIt ---; Filename: Movie-ize.au3#NoTrayIcon#Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****#AutoIt3Wrapper_icon=popcorn-32x32.ico#AutoIt3Wrapper_UseUpx=n#AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=n#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Icon_Add=popcorn-32x32.ico#EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** #include <_SysTray.au3>#include <Process.au3>#include '_OsVersionInfo.au3' Global $inifile = 'Movie-ize.ini', $tempini = 'Movie-tmp.ini', $_state = False, $_term = False ;--- Start Tray menu stuffOpt("TrayMenuMode", 1)Opt("TrayOnEventMode", 1) $movieon = TrayCreateItem('Movie-ize',-1,-1,1)TrayItemSetOnEvent(-1, '_movieOn')$movieoff = TrayCreateItem('De-Movie-ize',-1,-1,1)TrayItemSetOnEvent(-1, '_movieOff')TrayCreateItem('')$prefs = TrayCreateItem('Preferences',-1,-1,0)TrayItemSetOnEvent(-1, '_prefs')$about = TrayCreateItem('About',-1,-1,0)TrayItemSetOnEvent(-1, '_about')$exit = TrayCreateItem('Exit',-1,-1,0)TrayItemSetOnEvent(-1,'_Exit')TraySetIcon('Movie-ize.exe', 4)TraySetToolTip("Get out the popcorn 'cause it's movie time!")TrayItemSetState($movieoff, 129)TrayItemSetState($movieon, 64)TraySetState();--- End Tray menu stuff If Not FileExists($inifile) Then        _CreateBaseIni()EndIf$kill = IniReadSection($inifile, 'Programs')$kparam = IniReadSection($inifile, 'Parameters') If $CmdLine[0] > 0 Then $_term = TrueIf $_term Then        _RunAndExit()  ;--- If there's a CLI argument then Run and ExitElse        _Initialise()  ;--- Otherwise, check for Movie-tmp.ini and initialise to movieOn stateEndIf While 1        Sleep(1000)    ;--- Twiddle thumbsWEnd  Func _Initialise()        If FileExists($tempini) Then                $xterm = IniReadSection($tempini, 'Start')                For $i = 1 To $kill[0][0]                        $kill[$i][0] = $xterm[$i][1]                Next                $_state = True                TrayItemSetState($movieon, 129)                TrayItemSetState($movieoff, 68)                TrayItemSetState($prefs, 128)                TraySetToolTip('System Movie-ized')        EndIfEndFunc Func _Exit()  ;--- If not Run And Exit, checks to see if in MovieOn mode and asks user if they really want to exit        If Not $_term Then                TrayItemSetState($exit, 4)                If $_state And (MsgBox(49, 'Movie-ize', 'System currently Movie-ized!' & @CRLF & 'Do you want to quit in this state?') = 2) Then Return        EndIf        ExitEndFunc Func _about()        TrayItemSetState($about, 4)        MsgBox(64, 'Movie-ize', 'Movie-ize v0.22')EndFunc Func _prefs()  ;--- Load the ini into users default editor and wait for exit, then re-read ini        TrayItemSetState($prefs, 4)        If Not $_state Then  ;--- If in MovieOn mode then killed program state will be lost if user edits don't! >:^(                ShellExecuteWait($inifile)                Sleep(1000)                $kill = IniReadSection($inifile, 'Programs')                $kparam = IniReadSection($inifile, 'Parameters')        Else                MsgBox(48, 'Movie-ize', 'System currently Movie-ized,' & @CRLF & 'Preferences will be unavailable.')        EndIfEndFunc Func _movieOn()  ;--- Cycles thru program array, if there's a process match it kills it and sets corresponding element to 1        Local $i, $guineapig        If Not $_term Then                TrayItemSetState($movieon, 129)                TrayItemSetState($movieoff, 64)                TrayItemSetState($prefs, 128)        EndIf        $_state = True        For $i = 1 To $kill[0][0]                If $kill[$i][1] <> '' Then                        $guineapig = StringMid($kill[$i][1], StringInStr($kill[$i][1], '\', 0, -1) + 1)                        If ProcessExists($guineapig) Then                                ProcessClose($guineapig)                                $kill[$i][0] = 1                        Else                                $kill[$i][0] = 0                        EndIf                EndIf        Next        _RefreshSystemTray()        If Not $_term Then TraySetToolTip('System Movie-ized')EndFunc Func _movieOff()  ;--- Cycles thru program array looking for 1 element, if found tries to restart the associated program        Local $i, $exec, $wdir, $execcmd        If Not $_term Then                TrayItemSetState($movieon, 64)                TrayItemSetState($movieoff, 129)                TrayItemSetState($prefs, 64)        EndIf        $_state = False        For $i = 1 To $kill[0][0]                If $kill[$i][0] = 1 Then                        If StringLeft($kill[$i][1], 1) = '>' Then                                $exec = StringMid($kill[$i][1], 2)                                $wdir = StringMid($kill[$i][1], 2, StringInStr($kill[$i][1], '\', 0, -1) - 2)                                $execcmd = '"' & $exec & '" ' & $kparam[$i][1]                                Run(@ComSpec & ' /c "' & $execcmd & '"', $wdir, @SW_HIDE)                        Else                                Run($kill[$i][1])                        EndIf                        Sleep(500)                EndIf        Next        If Not $_term Then                TraySetToolTip("Get out the popcorn 'cause it's movie time!")                FileDelete($tempini)        EndIfEndFunc Func _CreateBaseIni()  ;--- Creates a basic ini file first time it's run        Local $i        IniWrite($inifile, 'Programs', 'Program1', 'C:\Program Files\Skype\skype.exe')        IniWrite($inifile, 'Programs', 'Program2', '>C:\Program Files\xchat\xchat.exe')        IniWrite($inifile, 'Parameters', 'Param1', '')        IniWrite($inifile, 'Parameters', 'Param2', '-d "E:\Programs Installed\xchat-pu70\settings"')EndFunc Func _TempIni()  ;--- For Run And Exit, writes a temporary ini file with initial program states, (QaD)        Local $i        For $i = 1 To $kill[0][0]                IniWrite($tempini, 'Start', 'Start' & $i, $kill[$i][0])                IniWrite($tempini, 'Programs', 'Program' & $i, $kill[$i][1])                IniWrite($tempini, 'Parameters', 'Param' & $i, $kparam[$i][1])        NextEndFunc Func _RunAndExit()  ;--- If the temporary ini exists, assumes already run once and refills array with correct values before calling _movieOff        Local $i        ;--- otherwise call _movieOn then _TempIni to write list of killed programs        If FileExists($tempini) Then                $xterm = IniReadSection($tempini, 'Start')                $kill = IniReadSection($inifile, 'Programs')                $kparam = IniReadSection($inifile, 'Parameters')                For $i = 1 To $xterm[0][0]                        $kill[$i][0] = $xterm[$i][1]                Next                _movieOff()                FileDelete($tempini)        Else                _movieOn()                _TempIni()        EndIf        _Exit()EndFunc Func _RefreshSystemTray()  ;--- The magic that clears the SysTray of dead icons courtesy of a UDF by Tuape & Erik Pilsits        $count = _SysTrayIconCount()        For $i = $count - 1 To 0 Step -1                $handle = _SysTrayIconHandle($i)                $visible = _SysTrayIconVisible($i)                $pid = WinGetProcess($handle)                $name = _ProcessGetName($pid)                $title = WinGetTitle($handle)                $tooltip = _SysTrayIconTooltip($i)                If $pid = -1 Then _SysTrayIconRemove($i)        Next         If _OsVersionTest($VER_GREATER_EQUAL, 6, 1) Then                $countwin7 = _SysTrayIconCount(2)                For $i = $countwin7 - 1 To 0 Step -1                        $handle = _SysTrayIconHandle($i, 2)                        $visible = _SysTrayIconVisible($i, 2)                        $pid = WinGetProcess($handle)                        $name = _ProcessGetName($pid)                        $title = WinGetTitle($handle)                        $tooltip = _SysTrayIconTooltip($i, 2)                        If $pid = -1 Then _SysTrayIconRemove($i, 2)                Next        EndIfEndFunc
UPDATE: v0.22 - Cleaned up some stupid typos, removed some stuff that I forgot.
                        - Now sets the tray menu items to disabled/enabled so you don't call things twice, (why didn't I think of that before?).
                        - Added ability to run and exit, just call it with a command line argument (writes a temp ini when it kills programs, deletes it after relaunching them).
                        - Added some comments to source, ('cause mouser told me I should).

Thank you! That works.  :)

Thanks April, source added to post above.


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