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NANY 2011 Release: LinkToText ver

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Hi limelect,

I tried your program, and I think I understand that it is supposed to be a password manager.  However, when I got an entry into the db and attempted to try it out, it gave me an error that the field 'Disable' was not found.


Sorry Sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!
The Data base in the zip is wrong But.... :down:
Just delete the DATA directory and the program
will recreate the correct data base for you.
Sorry again

Ok i added the correct Data Base to the zip file
But deleting the Data directory will fix the problem any how

Hi every body
Version 2
1. fixed drop problem
    Now text can be moved from text form to text area on web page
    properly. ANY LINE.
    Just use the mouse to mark the text and move it to the text location.
2. Added list all text.
    Either on main page or text page, open menu and choose load from list
    this will bring the list of text.
    double click on the line to choose another text. 

And now the PORTABLE version


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