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NANY 2011 Release: LinkToText ver

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NANY 2011 Entry Information
Application Name LinkToText
Although I'm open to suggestions...Version Short Description Show text associated with a link on IE or FF Supported OSes Operating Systems: XP .Others where not checked.  Web Page None Download Link Link To Text zip File: (1546.4 kB - downloaded 995 times.) Link To Text PORTABLE zip File: (915.66 kB - downloaded 861 times.) System Requirements
* No RequirmentsVersion History
* Ver

This program came out of my need.

Some internet pages have more than one pass word/Data. Firefox or Norton did not give me the tool to insert my data. As for that I needed a way to load my password as the page was shown.

Load links to editor.Write text.When page with link show a text form will open.

Planned Features
Up to users and my time


Just open the zip file and put in a directory.

Using the Application
Execute the execute file.

Delete the directory made by you.

Known Issues
Two things I will not do ,for now

* the encoding of data
* parse the page to insert -but may be i will some time in the future.


Perry Mowbray:
Hi and welcome again to another NANY!

Can I encourage you to copy some of the text and graphics from the help file into your OP? That will make it much more user friendly  :Thmbsup:

well ,i will post the program even today and hope for the best

Perry ,could you please help me finding the way to post my zip (exe)?
I remember filling a page last year
where is it this year ?
Do i just post the zip on this page ?
could you please be specific
Thanks shlomo

I have posted the execute file VER
With the hop it will help some one


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