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NANY 2011 Withdrawn: FindColor

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NANY 2011 Entry Information
Application Name FindColor Version 0.2 Short Description FindColor is a utility which will search for the specified color in the specified image and will return the results. Supported OSes Windows + .Net 4.0 Web Page None Download Link
* v0.2System Requirements
* .Net 4.0
* Any OS supported by .Net 4.0Version History
* v0.2 (first public release) - 2010. 12. 14.Author hegearon

FinColor was created because I didn't find any application for this sort of feature. First it was a PowerShell script, but now it's a full program. I needed it because I wanted to give my Windows 7 a new theme and because my video card can't handle Areo I had to do it by the hard way.

Searches for the given color in a picture supported by GDI+.

Planned Features

* Save the results
* Generate an image which shows where are the matched pixels.
See attachment.

You can either download the installer or download the zipped version of the application. If you've downloaded the installer run it, and follow the onscreen instructions. If you've grabbed the zip file just extract it somewhere and you can use the program right away. Remember that you'll need the .Net 4 Client Profile to be able to run this program.

Using the Application
A brief description of how a user will use the Application. What tips does a user need to get going?

If you used the installer you have to go to the Add/Remove programs dialog in the Control Panel and select 'FindColor'.
If you downloaded the zip file you can simply delete the folder.

Known Issues
Are there any issues that users should know about?

Welcome hegearon!  :Thmbsup:

Can you tell us a little bit more about why this solved your problem: "I needed it because I wanted to give my Windows 7 a new theme and because my video card can't handle Areo I had to do it by the hard way."

ps. your short description above has a typo; it says "search for the specified image in the specified image" but i think you meant "search for the specified color in the specified image"

Thanks for pointing that out!  :)

Of course I can be more specific about that.
When you create a new theme you have to modify the original windows theme file which had a couple of hundred images. I know what color the image contains because I can pick the color e.g. the taskbar. After that I ran a search with a PowerShell script in that directory which listed all the images with that color. After that it was a trial-and-error process.

New version available! (0.2)
Visit this link to download:
Download ColorFinder v0.2

Ok i think i am understanding this a bit more, and it seems to me like it has a serious and real potential use, but not in it's current form.

It actually seems like a great idea for a new utility.

As I understand it, this could be very useful if you are trying to find images that have a certain color in them.

So let's say i want to find a photo that matches the color of my windows background, or of a specific color scheme on a web page im designing.

It would be nice to be able to start a utility, put in a color (or a set of colors), and have it SCAN AN ENTIRE DIRECTORY of images, looking for image files that have a LOT of the colors i have mentioned.  Or maybe even provide it with a small swatch of another image (say 64x64 pixels), or a whole large image screenshot and try to match some/all of the dominant colors in a theme.

You would want it to come up with some numeric score based on how close the colors where (not insisting on exact matches), and how much of the close colors it found, and then list the top matching photos and let you quickly preview them.

Some advanced options would be to score not based on euclidean distance of RGB but taking into account saturation, etc.  Looking for contiguous background regions of color, etc.  There are some definitely interesting possibilities.

I can see wanting some ability to tweak the scoring parameters, etc.

This actually sounds like a really neat idea for a program that i might even try if you dont.  Obviously a lot of work to make such a program.

Or does such an advanced program already exist?


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