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Fastest Audio Converter

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Going down from VBR "Quality 6" to "Quality 8", the speed accelerates to 50 times the normed speed: 540 MB transcodes in merely 94 seconds!!

1. How do you end up with such tiny files? When I use the MediaCoder 64 bit program, like all other programs, the resulting MP3 file is larger than the original WMA file.

2. Are you using the same settings that I am: 93 MB WMA file recorded at 44199 Hz to a file @ 22,050 Hz   96 kbits per second joint stereo?

In the image above, it clearly shows that it will take 8 minutes to process

Please help me to replicate your settings.



p.s. as the second image shows, it actually took over 9 minutes!

Hmm... We have been testing two quite different things. When you first said your files were larger, I assumed they were of a higher quality, so I tested some Lossless WMA sound tracks. Now I see, your files were l o n g e r, (much much longer: 12.000 seconds!), but merely 64 kbps! Our premises have been from opposite ends of the scale! Sorry, I expect MediaCoder won't help you then.

>Relevant Knowledge "spyware"< is shit, but quite harmless. The few times I have had it on my pc but wanted to keep the attached program, I simply moved RN from 'Start' to 'Start on Demand Only', via my AnVir TaskManager Pro.

12000 seconds is 3 hours, 20 minutes, compressed into a 92 MB file. That means that you have a very highly compressed lossy format being converted to another lossy format. 

With that kind of recording, I'd be more concerned about retained fidelity of the output than the speed of conversion, although I'd guess that the original file is not of high enough sound quality to notice much difference anyway. Have you compared the output from the different programs you tried?

These are voice recordings not music.

And Yes, I have compared the fidelity and they are so similar in quality that the differences are inaudible.


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