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Fastest Audio Converter

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sorry to hear that, i wonder if the underlying LAME dll is the latest.. in any case, i have another suggestion - Free Mp3/Wma/Ogg Converter.

btw, i don't come across much WMA files so i haven't tried this before..


Thank you for the recommendation.

Yes, I had tested that one too. (About 3 - 4 minutes to convert my file).

By the way, I retested the fastest program and I really can't hear any difference at all.

I've been using Easy CD-DA ( for years to convert between formats with excellent results.

It is fast, but not free - $32.23 or $53.71 for a lifetime license.  It has a 30-day trial period, so you can try it on your file and see if it is worth the cost to you.

Easy CD-DA has a nice interface, but is again much slower than average.

sorry, I didn' imagine such scenario in advance. Use either Audio or Full Edition only. CUDA is for hand-held devices.
-Curt (December 02, 2010, 07:10 PM)
--- End quote ---


Hey Curt - please let me correct you.
CUDA hast nothing to do with hand-held devices. It's a a parallel computing architecture developed by NVIDIA that let programs (developed with a special api) use the graphics processing units (GPUs) to work faster.

Kind greetings


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