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Fastest Audio Converter

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I regularly convert WMA audio files to MP3 files, and have tested many free programs including:

the Koyote Soft Free MP3 WMA converter

the open source Freac

NCH Swift Sound converter

Pazera Free Audio extractor

the BeeThink Music Handle

and a few others, and they all took over 3 minutes to convert a 93 MB WMA file recorded at 44199 Hz to a file @ 22,050 Hz   96 kbits per second joint stereo

and then I tested the Free Audio Converter 7.1.5 that I downloaded from

and it took only one minute! (over three times faster than the best of the other freeware programs!)

It can convert between MP3, OGG, WAV, and WMA files with excellent control over all settings.

I wanted all of you to know of this great program.


You have to agree to this to install it.

In order to provide this free download, RelevantKnowledge software, provided by TMRG, Inc., a comScore, Inc. company, is included in this download. This software allows millions of participants in an online market research community to voice their opinions by allowing their online browsing and purchasing behavior to be monitored, collected, aggregated, and once anonymized, used to generate market reports which our clients use to understand Internet trends and patterns and other market research purposes. The information which is monitored and collected includes internet usage information, basic demographic information, certain hardware, software, computer configuration and application usage information about the computer on which you install RelevantKnowledge. We may use the information that we monitor, such as name and address, to better understand your household demographics; for example, we may combine the information that you provide us with additional information from consumer data brokers and other data sources in accordance with our privacy policy. We make commercially viable efforts to automatically filter confidential personally identifiable information and to purge our databases of such information about our panelists when inadvertently collected. By clicking Accept, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older, an authorized user of this computer, and that you have read, agreed to, and have obtained the consent to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Statement and User License Agreement from anyone who will be using the computer on which you install this application.
--- End quote ---

Nod32 caught it.

Dear cmpm,

thank you very much for the heads up, I missed that.

Can any of you help me find a really fast and flexible audio converter that doesn't have this catch?


VLC can convert, don't know if it's fast or has enough options for you.

Also mp3 Convert Master may help.
A trial period, then $15 and I'm not sure if it will do what you want.
Just have to check it out I suppose....

I just tested MP3 Convert Master and it's slow, and has a really ugly as well as kludgy interface (e.g. no clear indication of processing progress or even that it's started processing)

I've had BSOD in the past with VLC so I'll give that one a pass.

Thank you for looking for me.


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