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Fastest Audio Converter

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Personally *quality* is more important than raw speed for me, but I guess when you're converting from one lossy format to another it may not be the primary concern as much is already lost.

- Oshyan

Thanks for telling, Hank. However, it is not for me. The faster the conversion, the poorer the quality. Period! If the audio track is 5 minutes, the conversion should take 5 minutes and some. It is easy (for me) to hear the difference if I convert on double speed; the curtain in front of the sound gets even thicker, the bass even more muddy.

Dear Curt,

You are missing the fact that software that uses more than one core at a time will be significantly faster.

I did A-B comparisons of the file as converted by slow and very fast programs and any difference was completely inaudible to me.

thank you all for you help.

Also, the Bonk aka fre:ac converter was one I tested. slow

I use a converter that will convert 10-12 files at the same time, at 1:1 speed.
That makes it 12 files a' 5 minutes, converted in 5 minutes and some.

I can click "fast", and it will convert 16-18 files in 3 minutes (double speed).

The fastest converter is not a converter but a transcoder ;-)

The people behind the free MediaCoder should be whipped for adding nagging features to their program... remember to scroll down their homepage and click "do not open this next time" etcetera!! :o , but the transcoding is very fast and of high quality.


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