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Fastest Audio Converter

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Is a matter of a few minutes really that big of a deal?  It's an honest question...not some attempt at a flame.  If so, are these conversions something you can just queue up and let run overnight or during some time you're away from the computer?

It is amazing how my work flow proceeds better when jobs are done efficiently.

I upgraded my PC recently, and one program that took 14 seconds to load now does so in 2 seconds.

All of the delays add up, and I'm much happier and more focused when I don't have to wait an extra 2 minutes to proceed to the next task.

I tested the Factory Audio Converter and the dBpoweramp, and they are both slower than the best one (although Factory Audio Converter was only a little more than twice as slow, and thus comes in second place)

This is not about speed, but today (and ending 24:00 PST December 9, 2010) dotTech is teaming up with iSkysoft Studio to bring everyone iSkysoft Video Converter ($35.95 value) for free! You can use the offer to upgrade to the $55 Ultimate version for merely $29.


You may go straight to the Ultimate offer.

Just so all dotTechies know. Before I committed to a co-promotion with iSkysoft Studio, I talked to their new sales manager about iSkysoft’s spamming. He reassured me he is trying to rebrand iSkysoft Studio and will stop spam-tactics. Otherwise, if I wasn’t given that guarantee, I wouldn’t have agreed to this promotion.-Ashraf, dotTech
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