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Fastest Audio Converter

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If it's only a voice recording and stereo isn't necessary, perhaps use --preset voice when using LAME might be better?

You need to do it from CLI, (AFAIK - not usually a normal option in GUIs), so:

lame --preset voice xxx.wma xxx.mp3

--preset voice is equivalent to ABR 56kbps/mono.

Adding -s 22.05 should change it to 22050Hz sample frequency.  EDIT: Sample rate conversion is also time intensive, try without first.

You could also tweak the Noise and Psycho Acoustic parameters - try a -q value between say 5 and 9, (the higher the number the lower the quality but the faster the encode), eg. -q 7

I'm using XRecode II to transcode files. I usually transcode audiobooks (192 kps CBR is insane) to -v8.

LAME isn't supporting multi-core, so the program is just encoding several files at once. For each core one file. This speeds up encoding a lot, especially if I use the server (8 x CPU) at work. ;-) It also keeps all ID3Tags, so it's a winner for me.

The last freeware version of XRecode (1) can be found here:,19058805/
Starting with XRecode 2 the program got shareware/nagware.

Don't confuse it with XMedia Recode. This one is good for video encoding and transcoding, but IMHO not so for audio. Guess the author of XMedia Recode never understood what the preset system (-v0 to v9) is all about.

Not freeware, but low-priced and absolutely serious:  Their Wave MP3 Editor is a multi-tool that will cover any needs, including WMA > MP3_Voice. I wrote about it in the thread Code-it Software almost-giveaway. However, it seems some changes have been made and that the new top of the pop is the program "Code-it Audio Solutions", but I have undivided faith in any piece of work from programmer Mike Baker.

+ a license is a life-time license.

Screenshot from my "old" Wave MP3 Editor version (model-year 2011):   :up:

Is there any where I can download such a 3½ hours long speech, you're using, for testing?

I want to thank you all for persevering so diligently.

I installed the latest two suggested programs:

Code-it Audio Solutions



and neither was faster than 3 minutes

(with the fastest program -- the one with the Relevant Knowledge spyware -- took less than one minute)

I wish I could share my audio file for your testing purposes, but it is of a private session with a client, and I can't share it

Thanks again for all of the incredible responses from everyone.

Is there any where I can download such a 3½ hours long speech, you're using, for testing?-Curt (December 06, 2010, 03:43 AM)
--- End quote ---

If you want to try some voice audio files, just do a search for sermons ;)

eg. Catholic Church Archived Radio Programs - They're in MP3 format but you can always transcode to WMA to get a test file.  Here's a 3 hour debate, (161MB), from the same page.


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