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Fastest Audio Converter

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CUDA hast nothing to do with hand-held devices. It's a a parallel computing architecture developed by NVIDIA that let programs (developed with a special api) use the graphics processing units (GPUs) to work faster. -MrZebulon (December 04, 2010, 01:46 PM)
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thanks for correcting me  :up:  How will it respond if the pc doesn't have nVidia Cuda?

I was confused by Hank saying that MediaCoder was very slow. It must have been the settings that were "wrong". 15 seconds to convert ("transcode") a normal 5 minutes song, from wma to mp3, is not slow at all:

click to enlarge, to see the settings:

Fastest Audio Converter

Dear Curt,

Your numbers are correct, but I'm converting files much larger than that, and Mediacoder takes 3 minutes or more for each, compared to one minute for the Free Audio Converter 7.1.5 which has the unfortunate Relevant Knowledge "spyware" included with it.

I'm keeping my point of view.

114 MB in 35 seconds:

270 MB in 80 seconds:

The previous transcoding examples were converted into MP3 CBR mode. MP3 VBR mode is even faster:

From a single ½ GigaBytes, 78 minutes long 44.100 WMA Lossless (1192 kbps) file into 22.050 MP3 VBR 64 81 kbps: 112 seconds!


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