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Fastest Audio Converter

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Dear Curt,

Boy is mediacoder confusing.

I downloaded the CUDA version and the menu was in either Japanese or Chinese (I don't know which) with no way to get it in English

so I downloaded the 64 bit version and kept being sent back to their website with NoScript warnings when I tried to set up the program.

Should I just give up on mediacoder? Is it a web-based solution? What a terrible design.

I finally got MediaCoder to work, and it's very slow (about 3x slower than the average program or more) so I'm not sure why it's considered so fast.

Perhaps if I got the CUDA version in English...

sorry, I didn' imagine such scenario in advance. Use either Audio or Full Edition only. CUDA is for hand-held devices.

have you tried winLAME?

Just tried winLAME. about twice as slow as most programs and 6 times slower than the fastest one.

Again, thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I'm happy to try them all out.


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