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RSSOwl Alternative?

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During the past few years I have tested quite a lot of RSS reader software. Online RSS readers are ridiculous, I use RSS because I don't want to visit a website for everything.

Currently I am stuck to RSSOwl for one simple reason:
I am stuck to subfolders.  :D

I have quite many RSS feeds (> 100) in my list, and I sorted them into subfolders just because I had the chance to do so. Now RSSOwl is not really resource-friendly (Java...), so I wonder if there is a decent alternative with subfolders support.

FeedDemon does not.  :(

I just use google reader .... one interface on the web for sharing on all machines ... no installs needed

Google will never know what I like to read.

And it doesn't support subfolders.

Have you tried Newzie? It has a few different view styles you can toggle between, designed for getting through your feeds faster. It does subfolders and is quite good at handling a large number of feeds (I have around 300).

And if you want to fuss with it and install it, it can use gecko instead of IE's engine for it's browser.

Hmm, not bad, app103. :-)
Looks like it works. I'll give it a try. (Funny UI, though.)



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