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DONE: Date/Time and Battery Status Bar

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First things first, English is not my native language so I apologize if I'm not very clear.

When using a notebook, I usually don't hide the taskbar for three main reasons: quick launch, clock, and battery notification. I like my app launcher (in this case Quick Launch) to be always visible, so that to launch a program I only need two actions: locate the program's icon and click the icon. Setting to auto hide means more actions: show the launcher, locate the icon, and then click the icon. I also need the clock to be always visible as a quick reminder for lunch break or other small things that just don't worth having a dedicated reminder program for them. The battery notification is to remind me when I need to plug/unplug the adaptor.

But I also have a netbook, and with netbooks, screen estate is very limited, so I choose to auto hide the taskbar. I'm OK with trading quick launch for screen height, but I still need the clock and battery notification to be always visible. So, what I'd like to have is a small bar that stays on top of the screen, about 12 pixels or so in height, just to show the current date, time, and battery status. The bar should also resize the screen work area so that it doesn't cover the titlebar of a maximized window. I attached a simple mock up to show what I mean.

Additionally, it is also nice if the battery status info changes color, let's say red when in critical battery level and green when the battery is fully charged. I also prefer 24-hour format.

Similar programs are StatBar and Rainlendar I believe, but they are too complex for what I need.

- Satrio -

you could try WinBar, that has several configurable options.


That setup is such a huge collossal waste. I wouldn't want it like that. ;)

For one, you now permanently trade away like a dozen vertical pixels all over your screen. Second, some of that stuff is so vocal.. it's depressing.

Wouldn't a really tiny always-on-top window work better? It could be positioned right below the minimize/maximize/close buttons since on Vista+ they're about only half as high as usual anyway. There's next to nothing it could cover by accident I think, seeing how that spot is rarely used in the first place no matter how you arrange your windows. Or you could do the same just to the left of those buttons, although that might be more likely to cover something by accident.

Don't get me wrong; it is very possible to reserve the top row. But if it is space you want on your screen, reserving a whole horizontal strip is madness. Ever since I've gone widescreen I've put my taskbar vertical just so I waste less useful space.

Let me know what you think. If I find a bit of time, I can quite likely code that up for you.


I only need the battery and date/time info, so maybe WinBar is an overkill. I have tried StatBar that has similar function, but it is not resource friendly to run on a netbook. I left my netbook home right now so I can't try it on my netbook. I'll give it a try once I get home and let you know how it works, but I still think that WinBar is also an overkill :)


That's a great idea! I didn't think about that before :up:
Please do code it for me whenever you have a time. Thank you very much :D

yup, WinBar might be overkill. i bet worstje's handiwork will be much more customised to your needs. i too could do with such a tool on my wife's netbook.  :)


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