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Disappearing shortcuts


I love this program but I drag items to the circle for shortcuts and later THEY ARE GONE????


you can add the exe from the context menu, which version of circledock are you running

Running 0.9.2 Alpha 8

What context menu ? :huh:


Sorry, i dont have that version installed :( but try right clicking on the dock, then there should be 'add special file or folder' something like that. it's from within there that you can browse to whichever exe you would like to add.
I can install alpha 8 on a different computer and look for you if i've got it wrong.

The Alpha is a self contained file, unzip and run, nothing to "intsall"

I have been in the middle of Massive updates at Rainmeter and other sites, and been unable to get a small tutorial worked together.
I will do so as soon as I have a couple of free hours ;)

My apologies for this untimely work, but since no time is a good time, almost any time will do :p


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