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Mamutu 65% off


Bamse: seems almost like a permanent offer but who knows.

Worth considering if 1. Only use simple basic AV but have doubts if it is "enough", like considering Malwarebytes Pro or something. 2. Do not use anything at all because security software blows! - might want to have "something" though. 3. Might feel comforting if running as Adm. 24/7 with uac turned off, may be no AV even, just because you can. Some might demand that well knowing level of protection is poor. Not being stupid but having special needs, heh. Mamutu could be a solution.

I think most companies will soon start to promote rebates and such. Is it not around that xmas time? Well do not let saved $$$ break protest against traditional security stuff, get this instead.

More info from Emsisoft but try trial which is fully functional. At first it works a bit like a firewall, asking questions about each process. This popping up in your face will go away as Mamutu gets the info required. Program is updated often with a whitelist so not really annoying to live with. Has a "paranoid" mode which definitely is.

Still a program which requires a certain amount of know-how but not much more than for example Winpatrol. Can also screw up making wrong decisions there. About the same level I think. Those 2 together is cool and easy 8)

Runs very smoothly with little resource usage, more cpu than ram (total of 4.6mb on my computer). Hardly any file activity since it does not scan, just monitor "behavior". No guarantees, try trial. Check forum, not like program has been flawless since day one. Just runs very nice here and price is ok I think. Should work alongside at least simple AVs. Not so sure about Kaspersky Suite and similar big packages.


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