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NANY 2011 Release: JottiQ

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Guess what the cat dragged in?

Yup, it is a beta that goes by the name of JottiQ v0.9.2!

Download JottiQ v0.9.2

If you want to test, by all means - there's plenty to test and I expect a lot of bugs. :)

v0.9.2 (2010-12-19)

    Please test _everything_!  Things I need tested in order of priority:
    XP 32-bit
    Vista 32-bit
    Vista 64-bit
    Seven 32-bit
    The part I think needs most testing above all is everything to do with
    the file context menus, as those are probably a total mess (esp. on XP.)

For more information, see the official JottiQ (NANY 2011) topic:


v0.9.2 (2010-11-15)

    First public beta.
    So many features were added that any list is going to prove pointless.
    Nevertheless, here it goes:
      Added: Settings window with plenty of settings
      Added: IDropTarget support. (Infinite amount of dropped files.)
      Added: JQcm.dll for both 32 and 64-bit. Handles the file context menus.
      Added: Lots of pretty icons. Especially the lady bug.
      Added: Better handling of multiple selections in queue.
      Added: Support for Jotti's server-side rate-limiting.
      Added: Context menus for files in the queue.
      Added: Shortcuts for easy keyboard access.
      Added: Privacy Policy Agreement requirement (one time only).
      Added: About box.

0.7.1 alpha 1 (2010-12-01)

    Initial (screenshot-only) release.
    Too many bugs, too ugly for words, so not really worth mentioning.
    (I blurred the very first screenshot with a good reason, yo.)

1) There is no installer just yet.

2) Shell extension registration is always for the 'Local Machine'.
     If I figure out a proper way to support both 'Current User' and
     'Local Machine', both in JottiQ and the installer that is yet to be
     written, I will implement it. Currently, I find 'Local Machine' the more
     useful of the two, thus that is the only option currently available.

3) JottiQ has not been tested on anything other than Windows 7. Especially
     testing on Windows XP systems is required, as I expect at least the icon
     of the file context menus to break on there. Microsoft has made a mess
     out of the images-on-menu-items thing. (I do very little OS testing in
     the hope that some stuff just works as I expect it to in regards to
     the file context menu stuff, so please test on WXP 32-bit systems!)

4) The configuration file has an obscene name and is hidden in a stupid place.
     And I have no clue how to change it, since .NET comes up with that rather
     idiotic path all by itself, and thus far I haven't found a good way to
     influence it yet. It should be something under
       AppData\Local Settings\Gholam_Inc.\XXXXX
     If anyone can explain to me how to get rid of that disaster, I would
     appreciate it. Right now, version upgrades won't remember settings, and
     I would really prefer to have them remember it without me going through
     endless hoops to fix that stuff. Seriously, who puts hashes in directory
     names with settings in them? Argh!
     (No, I am not planning to use .MSIs for my deployment as it is pure hell
     once you work with the hell that is 32-bit and 64-bit context menu
     extensions, and I don't have that patience nor time.)


Thanks to...

* Jotti for Jotti's malware scan and going out of his way to support this
  application after I contacted him with the idea I had @

* Vladi for the awesome lady bug icon @

* Raymond Chen for his awesome blog  @

* Lukas von Hohnhorst who gave me permission to use his magnifying glass @

* as a whole @

* Mark James for his excellent Silk Icon Set @

* Smaller Animals Software for their CtxMenu example that saved me oodles of
  time rather than having to spend time to figure out all details on my own @

* for solving those issues I have before I have them @

holy hell we have a question mark problem on the forum on the new server.

i've fixed it by reverting back to ISO-8859-1 from utf8, which solves the question mark problem but restores the problem with some post titles with odd characters.

Looks like you fixed it mouser. :)

holy hell we have a question mark problem on the forum on the new server.
-mouser (December 18, 2010, 07:13 PM)
--- End quote ---

Are we having fun yet?  ;D

If you want to test, by all means
-worstje (December 18, 2010, 07:08 PM)
--- End quote ---

XP 32 SP3

Accepted the Jotti terms (font doesn't fit well on the buttons on my machine, btw) and had the following.


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