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NANY 2011 Release: JottiQ

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It is long overdue to another release. Thus, I offer you v.0.9.5 as a token of my merry christmas spirit. (And I hate Christmas; go figure. :))

Download JottiQ v0.9.5 (7z archive) (304 kB)
Download JottiQ v0.9.5 (Setup) (1039 kB)

Test away. The installer is a bit of an experiment, and I don't think I whipped it completely into listening to me just yet, but it should get the job done. It's a bit of a fat-arse too, so I apologize for that. I am not sure what I can do to change that though.

After christmas, I intend to focus on the UI and texts and such that I asked peoples opinions on before. I just haven't gotten around to incorporating those details yet. :)

The ReadMe says stuff about right-clicking and elevating and stuff.. but I forgot to adjust the ReadMe after I had to take that stuff out for now because it had some flaws I noticed at the last minute. The current version seems to always want to elevate because I have an admin account, but maybe someone has a really limited user account they can test with for me.)

Readme.txt (excerpts once more)
v0.9.5 (2010-12-25)

    Please test _everything_!  Things I need tested in order of priority:
    - THE INSTALLER, on all of the below OSes.
    - XP 64-bit
    - Vista 32-bit
    - Vista 64-bit
    - Seven 32-bit

For more information, see the official JottiQ (NANY 2011) topic:


v0.9.5 (2010-12-25)

    It's a special christmas beta-release! Ho ho ho! Merry christmas to all!
      Added: Support for Current-User and All-Users installations for the
          shell context menu. In essence, this means UAC will no longer be
          needed if you install it for your user only. This determination is
          made based on the existence of a 'MachineInstallation' file in the
          directory the executable is located.
      Added: An actual installer! When double-clicked, it performs an
          installation that affects your user only. However, if you take the
          opportunity to right-click and select 'Run as Administrator', it
          will do an installation where it affects all users on your machine.
          (And when I write 'it affects', I refer to the shell extension, as
          all other application settings are per-user.) A plain .7z archive
          will continue to exist for those who like it, however.
      Fixed: Shell extension failed to register if it was in a path with
          spaces inside of it. Now it works.
      Fixed: Windows XP no longer has a butt-ugly clipped shield image when
          it needs to elevate to install.
      Fixed: Various texts and the likes should no longer be cut off when
          running at more interesting configurations involving bigger fonts.
      Added: Mnemonics were added to the Settings screen to improve keyboard
      Fixed: Changing the shell extensions installed state no longer rushes
          through the affair; it now waits for actions to complete so the
          Installer doesn't vomit during the Uninstall.
      Semi-Fixed: At one point during my own testing on my XP machine, JottiQ
          crashed after I clicked a link in the Privacy Agreement screen. I
          suspect it involves Firefox demanding an upgrade before continuing;
          but I have not been able to reproduce it. So from now on, it should
          fail gracefully and spit out an error. If anyone sees this error,
          I would be very interested in finding out what it is and whether it
          is a common error that needs further looking-into.

v0.9.4 (2010-12-21)

    Secret internal beta release.
      Fixed: Big booboo involving cached files always returning the same
          (very likely unrelated) file results.
      Fixed: Windows XP now properly shows the fancy lady bug icon in the
          file context menu.


1) The installer can only delete settings for the current user. This is not
     something that I have any feasible way of changing, although I do welcome
     any and all suggestions on the topic. This includes the shell context
     menu option.

2) The (un)installer does not detect if JottiQ is currently running and offer
     offer to close it first. Hopefully will fix at some point in the future.

3) The installer component 'Explorer Integration affects All Users' determines
     the creation of the 'MachineInstallation' file. By default it is off,
     allowing every user to determine the presence of a file context menu for
     themselves (and also avoiding nasty UAC dialogs in the process.) Once
     this file is present, one needs Administrator rights in order to turn the
     file context menu on or off.
     Given point 1), if you install to make JottiQ available to multiple users,
     it is recommended to install with this setting turned on so that any
     registry pollution stays at a minimum. (Unless of course you are willing
     to manually turn off the file context menu for every single user

4) The uninstaller may tell you to reboot. This is because explorer probably
     still has the shell extension in use, and killing explorer and restarting
     it is a very user-unfriendly task. As such, postponing the deletion till
     reboot time is the user-friendliest alternative.

Setup works perfectly for me.. installed it and shell extension -- queuing items via shell extension worked perfectly even when dialog was already on screen.
Shell extension works here on WinXp Pro x64.

Would be nice to have an "Uninstall" entry in the start menu group; it's easy to do.
you can find sample, including a dll to let your inno setup close app if its running at install/uninstall time here:

i still dont like the fact that the menu is not going to be fully visible for people without big screens.
changing some of the menu icons+labels to just small icons would fix.
or as i suggested earlier moving the per-item ones to bottom.

also, i think a right-click for an item and choosing "perform a google search for this filename" would also be nice.

Would be nice to have an "Uninstall" entry in the start menu group.
-mouser (December 27, 2010, 12:50 PM)
--- End quote ---

I gave this a long hard thought actually. Most applications nowadays do not do that anymore. It seems kinda pointless - if you want to 'start' an app, you likely don't want to remove it. I know that back in the day, I personally got annoyed as hell when I misclicked and it went 'want to go uninstall?'

Were I to compare an uninstall to a stupid Readme, I think the latter would get more (intentional) attention than the uninstaller ever would. But maybe I'm just an oddball in that regard.
* worstje is still annoyed by the by about the fact that shell extensions can't be properly told to be unloaded to explorer.exe. :-(


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