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NANY 2011 Release: JottiQ

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wow! this looks nice.. :)

i wonder if you were inspired by this request.

Nope, not inspired by that one. I had my own inspiration after going through the entire upload-haggling process for the 100th time. However, I am quite glad that I am not the only one who felt a tool like JottiQ might be useful though. :)

that's good to hear. i'm sure that this tool will come in handy for those who can't stand the web interface, which includes myself.. :)

Still working on this little gem... my putting a beta up keeps getting postponed out of perfectionistic tendencies. :)

Right now I am implementing enabling/disabling the shell extension through the Settings dialog, which works fine so far... except that I have a problem remaining.

I can't figure out how to properly support user-account specific stuff, so I am doing the context thing for the entire system. Maybe I will fix that at some future point if there's a lot of call for that, but for now it just seems like a huge pile of complications waiting to happen. I can do either current-user or entire machine, but can't just yet figure out the way to mix them yet. Perhaps it is a matter that will help clarify itself once I start on the installer, which is next on my TODO list I think.

Or maybe I'll upload a beta first after all. Hmm.


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